Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winterized Surfer Slacks with Instructions

Hey guys, I'm here to show you the finished bottoms to Archer's Fall/Winter Outfit. I blogged about the top last week HERE.

See, he has a pair of fleece-lined overalls that are great for the cold weather& they are always on rotation.  

So, I was on the hunt for a pants pattern that would be altered for lining. This one fit the bill perfectly. Since all four leg pieces are the same pattern piece, I cut an extra set of pants in the flannel of my choosing. (an extra 4 pieces of lining fabric for this pattern)

I sewed the lining legs up completely separate leaving off any detail stitching. When it was time to sew the waistband I turned the lining pants wrong side out and slid it into the main pants making sure to line side seams etc up nicely. I then finished the waistband as the directions stated. 

Finally, I rolled up the bottoms of the main fabric and folded the lining up & pressed. Next, I rolled the main fabric back down folding in under to meet the edge of the lining hem& pressed again. I pinned and topstitched all around the bottom of the leg opening enclosing the seam. 

Since my guys only 20 months (this pattern started at 2t) they were still a bit long. His cloth diaper butt makes the waist perfect though... so I left off the cuff and folded them up the excess length. Since they're lined, they look intentional & can be worn into the next growth spurt. 

I will definitely be making more! 

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