Sunday, October 27, 2013

KCW Day 3, 4, & 5 : The Jude Jacket in Wool

So here's what's been going on at my place:

Day 3: Cut out the jude jacket & attach flannel to the body & arms of the pattern

Day 4: NOTHING (we had homeschooling coop all morning then once we got home I napped with the kids from pure exhaustion)

Day 5: Sew up & (basically) finish the Jude Jacket. :)

I used wool  I purchased for fall coats (&used for a fall coat WHOA!)  & an upcycled flannel shirt that was given to me by someone. I can't even remember who now. I kinda love that my friends and family give me interesting or good quality clothing so I can upcycle it.

I hadn't finished the buttons/buttonholes yet. Not because I ran out of time, but because I spent nearly 20 minutes rifling through my buttons only to realize I couldn't fine ANY four matching buttons that I liked on the coat. Boo. 

Because I do really like this coat and I've found that if I focus on making it what I want I'll use it & reuse it ... I decided to hold off until I could make a fabric store trip to get the "perfect" buttons. I'm thinking the traditional big black chunky pea coat type buttons. 

I really love the design of this coat. The patterns got major style and versatility. The downfall was that the directions were pretty minimal and vague. I kept staring at the coat wondering how the collar wouldn't overlap due to buttonholes, then realized there was a placket-ish piece that was on the tutorial/listing photo that wasn't included in the pattern. I found that quite odd. 
Overall, I was able to put the coat together but it took me a good hour with the poor directions. 

I wonder what everyone else is sewing up? 
I can't wait to go over to the KCW site and check out the new projects!

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