Thursday, October 17, 2013

Instagram Update : A day late and a dollar short

A day late and a dollar short. 
It could be my life theme right now. 
Welp, I'm dealing with it and moving forward the best I can. There has been so many big things happening at our house that I realize there's no good way to keep up with it all. 

I'm not exactly sure why I decided to use the last of our detergent before vacation. Nothing worse than unpacking a ton of dirty clothes and realizing you have to do work before you can do work. 

It was lily's half-sissy charlee rue's birthday recently and instead of going to traditional birthday gift route I chose to do a zoo day with the girls. I love spending time with this little hurricane & Lily is just so lucky to have her. 
Sisters are something special. <3

My new breakfast obsession is bagels and cream cheese. 
yeah, that's basically it. 

The dentist apt. this week went well, no cavities! 

Back to embroidery. 
It's a good way to know fall has come in our house. 
Amazingly I don't have even one embroidery piece in my house, they always get given as gifts. 
I'll have to consider that this season& try to make something for myself. 

When on vacation we had a great time catching up with my family. One of whom has a daughter who's feet are just bigger than lily's & she was thoughtful enough to gift these awesome sparkly snow boots to her. She loves that they have fur inside and as I type Archer is wearing them. haha

&today after a very long and tiring morning lily sat eating her lunch and doing the new puzzle we got her for .25 cents. 

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