Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW Day 2: Big Bad Wolf Sweatshirt& Pants

Day 2 has wrapped up and I got much more done than I had expected. 
As usual there were many interruptions but my children napped together (WHAA? yes we are all shocked) for a good 2 hours. 
It was bliss. 

So far so good!  I notice the bottoms of the leggings are warped/stretched a bit. I think it will fix itself with a washing but when I tried them on her they were long enough to either fix if needed. I'm not feeling particularly concerned. 

The sweatshirt made from the Recess Raglan pattern I've been talking about every other post was again, awesome. It did really good with this thick fabric and will be awesome when Halloween is over too!

I'm heading out to the fabric store to grab felt needed for her mask & the boa for her tail. I am really pumped to finish it up with time to spare. 

My only sadness? I don't have the leftover material/pattern for one is my size. 
Kids have all the fun!


  1. My word that looks so incredibly comfy! And I know for a fact that you have massively COMFY knit!

    1. This knits from the same store I got the grey knit used in your daughters shirt too! OH& before I forget (i'll probably pm you this too).. lily is moving up sizes. Still skinny waist (like 18.5 in) but I'm now making leggings & shirts in a 5t length rather than the 4t I had previously told you. Just a heads up before you go making something! <3



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