Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCW Day 1 : Wolf Pants

Between homeschool, visiting Great Grandma Levina, a meeting with our supervising teacher and many other obstacles... I managed to cut and begin sewing Lily's pants to her Big Bad Wolf costume. 

The french terry knit cotton I'm using is a bit stretchier than expected so I'll need to take them in a little more, but I'm successfully not buying fabric for this costume and that makes me happy. Plus, it's thick & that is key when Trick-Or-Treating in the bitter cold of Iowa fall/winter weather. We always hope that there won't be snow. 

I just rolled them to where they'll need to be so I could grab pics quick and move on. 

Usually I would spend a bit more time worrying about good photos but time is of the essence and getting that one hour a day in is tough enough without trying to blog them too! 

Oh& that bottom hem isn't finished either so that will also be tackled today. 
I'm holding out hope on getting the top cut out until I see how the rest of the day goes. 

Did you all get something accomplished? 
Big or small, KCW is all about getting SOMETHING done! 

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