Sunday, October 20, 2013

Costumes of Halloween Past


Can you guys believe that Halloween is almost here? 
It really creeped up on me this year (no pun intended haha). 

So, until I'm able to share this year's costume with you, I'll take a moment to look back at past Halloween DIY's. 

First up is Lily who two years ago requested to be the little mermaid. I had barely begun sewing again and this pattern took MONTHS to put together! 
I can't remember now which big box company I purchased it from but I changed the tail by adding strings that attached to her wrists. This was she didn't trip the whole time& it kept with the look of the mermaid fin. I thought the seaweed boa and seashell details made it super fun too. As you can tell by the proud look on her face, she loved it. 

Making a return is the Max costume I made for Lily for her second Halloween some 4 years ago. This year Archer will be wearing it & is sporting a brand new crown. The felt covered Burger King one didn't hold up. lol 
For full details on how this costume was made go to That's What She Crafted

Lastly, ignore how blurry this photo is, please. Taking night time photos is so BLAH no matter how cute your kid is. This is little Archer last year when I threw together a quick costume for him to tag along in the stroller. I covered his bottle in a paper bag, painted a beard on him, put him in a plaid coat I created for him earlier that fall, and added this little cardboard sign. 

This year Lily has requested to be the Big Bad Wolf and I've got my hands full finding just the right way to pull it off. Wish me lots of luck! 


  1. Good luck! I made my son the Big Bad Wolf a few months ago with this fantastic mask, it may be useful for you too!

    1. I found a really good tutorial and pattern online though I do remember seeing that mask as well! Thanks for the link, how did your son's turn out?


    2. I think it turned out pretty nice! Here you can see him:
      Looking forward to see your completed outfit!

  2. No, we don`t do beggars night here, that is, our family does not, but some people do within their apartmentbuildings mainly, too dangerous to go out on the streets here...


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