Monday, March 17, 2014

Tiny Things in Mustard and Black

After making the mustard and black Caroline Party Dress for the store, I kept the smaller cuts sitting out and just kind of eyed them. I really love the look of black and mustard together for both boys and girls. Anyways, after letting the fabric sit for something like a week I finally used it...

Black and mustard tiny baby items. 
I used the mustard as a contrast pocket and topstitching on the pants. 

and also as a contrast back and topstitch to the bib. I especially like the idea of a black bib as it won't show stains. 
I made a couple of the bibs just because I was on a roll and couldn't be stopped. Then, I jumped on cutting out a Saffron Twirl Dress that I've been dying to make. I also had fabric washing for Lily's pair of capri's that will be used for Project Run and Play sew-along season 9. Look at me go! 

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