Friday, March 28, 2014

PR&P wk 1: Put Me In The Zoo (FAIL)

I completely intended to participate with the wk. 1 theme of Project Run and Play: Put Me In The Zoo. Seriously guys, I did. I even created the "outfit" that I wanted. "What's the problem?" you may be asking yourself.  

The outfit was a total fail. I hate it. Yeah, hate is a strong word and I don't like to use it ALL THE TIME, but there are times when strong words are needed. 

I planned on making a sweet vintage inspired summer pajama set for Lily, instead she saw me sewing it and said "Are you making me an apron?" I looked at the damn thing and thought, "Yep. She's totally right, it looks like an apron and not the cool ones either." I completely missed the length I was going for (this was *suppose* to be a tank top). Not sure how I managed this, probably moving too quickly and underestimating how long a 2t dress is? I also wish I would have taken the time to X the tied shoulders. It's just not me. No diss to those who love the tied look, I just don't go for it. Especially not for bedtime when she will be rolling around on thick bows (really what was I thinking??).

Another fail? The screen-printing. I think I've narrowed down why it turned out so bad and it seems to me that when I get impatient and use my drying tool to set the paint, it doesn't EVER turn out looking clean. I'm starting to believe that the heat from the tool messes with the freezer paper allowing it to bubble and let the paint bleed. I tried desperately to fix it in time for a photo shoot (it was getting late in the day), but in the end I felt that I didn't even LIKE the outfit, let alone want to post it as a representation of my work. So, instead of linking it up to the PR&P site, I chose to highlight my failed attempt and chalk it up to a learning experience. 

Was there ANYTHING that didn't fail in this project? Yes. Thank goodness, yes. I needed any tiny glint of success in this massive failed project... which came in the form of little zebra printed bloomer shorts. I wanted an easy comfy pair of bloomers for her to slip on at bedtime, ones that wouldn't be too hot for summer. These shorties work great. I drafted my own pattern since they are basically wide shorts with elastic in the legs and waist. She wore them last night with no complaints at all and I sighed a good sigh feeling that not all was lost. 

Alright, week 1 may have been deemed a disaster, but I'm not letting it stop me from feeling positive about week 2. I've got bottoms cut out and after finishing up this post I'm headed straight up to get going on them! 


  1. Those shorts are darling! I really liked the idea, but totally agree with the bows on the shoulders! Not for sleeping!! Can't wait to see next week!

    1. Right?! How did I not think of that? I'm such a dork lol. Oh well!


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