Sunday, March 30, 2014

Training Underpants: Using a free 2t pattern and tutorial

Training undies are so cute! 
I went searching for a simple and free training underwear pattern for Archer to wear so when we leave the house on short trips he can practice his big boy skills of telling me when he has to potty. I liked this pair especially (originally posted by Lemonwood Clock) because it used burp rags as a center piece to absorb better if an accident were to happen. I had just been gifted a bunch of burp rags and even though they work great for well, burp rags- I grabbed two big ones that had small stains to use for this. I think I'll still have plenty left for the new baby, there were quite a few. Another bonus? Along The Mom Road was nice enough to add to the tutorial by creating a printable 2t underwear pattern. 
Just the size I needed.

Look how unhappy he is that I've asked him to sit for a photo. All he wanted was to take a picture himself and not to be the subject. 

The first pair I made was a tad too big. He just turned two last week so he'll grow into that pair fairly quickly. The second pair (the ones he is wearing) fit perfectly. Instead of a 1/4 in. SA I used about 1/2-5/8 in. SA and that seemed to size them down enough. 

He looks so adorable in them. I can't wait to create about six more pairs, anyone want to gift me some more extra large burp rags? :) 
The pattern goes together really quick and easy. I suggest using a thicker medium weight knit for the side fabric. When I used an upcycled thinner tee (the first pair with black sides pictured at the bottom), you can see that they didn't hold their shape as nicely against the super thick burp rag material and ribbing. 

Look at his face, lol. Even Woody wouldn't cheer him up. 

He threw him right on the floor and laid the pouting on thick. 

Here's the first pair that I made super duper fast just to test the size. They're all mismatched and not done neatly AT ALL, but I wanted to check the pattern out before putting a ton of effort into them. They'll still be used since, let's face it, they're underwear to be poo'd on. 

Fabric: Upcycled white burp rag, black/grey is upcycled t-shirt fabric, and red is rib knit from Joann Fabric


  1. haha! He is adorable! I so need to make a bunch for Jude. Warm weather needs to come!!!

    1. Do you normally make the kiddos undies? This is my first real attempt and I'm shocked that I enjoyed doing it. I want to find some cool tees or fun knit print now. lol


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