Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Update: The Shop & Life

Hey all, happy Tuesday? 
Not that Tuesday is all that special, but hopefully every day is a happy day, right? 

I've been puttering away getting items finished up to list in the shop, including a few Caroline Party Dresses. 

Both are WIP's and still need their zippers and hems. I picked up the zippers last night so I can spend time today finishing them up. I am simply in LOVE with this stormy black fabric and purchased quite a bit more of it to create other pieces. I'm out of the floral fabric and would love to find another floral print that matched it. The fabric store didn't seem to have anything that worked.

I also grabbed a cool bottom-weight fabric to make Lily a pair of spring shorts. I'm pretty excited because she promised me that if I made them in certain colors that she would wear them. Did I mention this is a huge reason I enjoy sewing for the shop so much? Miss Lily has such a distinct style and while I absolutely love that she knows what she likes, it's a bit daunting to constantly tailor my own style choices to accommodate hers. With the shop I have the ability to sew items in prints/fabric that I love with no tiny voice saying "Mom! It isn't pink/purple/sparkly/ruffled etc etc etc." 
So much freedom! 

Also, on the whole news agenda, we finalized the purchase of the farm! Woohoo! 
I have long wanted to move out of the city and live a quieter life in the country. The husband and I have spent many nights talking about how amazing it would be to have a larger yard for gardening, playing, and chickens. We were so lucky to find an acreage with an old 1870's farmhouse on the land pretty close to the city (and our homeschooling coop) that we fell in love with immediately. We literally walked the property and he pulled me aside and said "Let's make an offer." We had no intentions going in that day to do so, and some five months later we call this place our own.
Anyways, this is a huge project my husband has kindly undertaken and because it needs a great deal of work done before we can move in, he'll be gone nearly every evening after work until it's ready. So, if it seems I'm being quiet here on the blog front, it's because I'm holding down the fort in his absence. Sewing time is scarce with him out at the house and being pregnant doesn't lend a hand energy-wise either! I am so excited for the next few months and all the wonderful changes it will bring for our family, even if that means going through some general craziness.

You can custom order a Caroline Party Dress from me via my ETSY SHOP - or, if you sew then you can purchase the MHC pattern and create your own by VISITING THE MHC SHOP (affiliate link). 

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  1. Love that amazing farm! Now, for the important part ;) PONY


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