Monday, March 3, 2014

Surfer Slacks in Khaki and Navy Blue

Good morning! 
I'm rarely up before 6:30 am as I am pretty fond of sleeping but this morning Archer wasn't having it. He was up yelling before six so I pulled him into bed thinking it would give me at LEAST until 6:45 am to wake up. Instead, he poked me a while, demanded my blanket saying "It's MINE MINE MINE!", and told me the window was open. Anyways, I gave up and now here I am. So, good morning and I hope you had the chance to wake up leisurely this morning. 

I started this pair of Surfer Slack pants last week sometime and moved extremely slow through making them. They're really only an hour long project or so, but I was doing little bits here and there. 

For the back tabs, I found two vintage glass buttons given to me by my grandmother. She's who taught me to sew and using all of the tools/notions she gave me lets me take a moment and remember how amazing she was. We were extremely close, I hope she'd be proud that I didn't lose my love for the art of creating. I really like how sophisticated they look on these pants. 

For the waistband I chose a navy blue rib knit. I find that using the extra wide elastic in this pattern really keeps them looking nice after the wash. No flipped elastic. Also, with this pair I added another 1.5 inches in rise to the top of the pants so that it would better fit his bulky cloth diaper. Though he's two next month, he doesn't need the fully 2t length being as short as he is.

I'm hoping that these will continue to fit into the summer and I can lop them off into shorts. I can't believe that I'm nearly 30 weeks along in this pregnancy. Soon, baby will be here and I am so excited to find out whether it will be a boy or girl, and also to see this dreadfully cold winter OVER so we can spend our days outdoors roaming the zoo, digging in the garden, and getting sprayed by the hose while eating dilly bars. 

Pattern: Surfer Slacks by See Kate Sew
Fabric: Khaki and Navy Blue Rib Knit from Joann Fabrics

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  1. I was wondering if these would work with cloth diapers, glad to hear it! (and the adjustment you made).


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