Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pajama Pants in Brown and Red

More pajama pants? 
Although I truly enjoy the creative process of sewing, my main concern is that my kids get what they need because I rarely (and I mean VERY rarely) go purchase items that my children need. I don't do a lot of "shopping around" when they are lacking the essential clothing items, instead I dig into my stash and make the items. Which is probably why I spent my daily sewing time, aka naptime, sewing a doggie diaper yesterday. It was the LAST thing I wanted to be sewing, but it was the first thing our family needed right now. So I done did it.  

For these pants I grabbed an obliterated pair of pajama pants to create my own pattern. Somehow when we bought the thrifted pajama set we failed to notice that the elastic in them was stretched beyond any reasonable human need. They couldn't be re-thrifted to another family and the amount of material in them was insufficient for other uses, so I cut them at the seams and used them to make a useful pj pattern. 

Creating a pattern from a clothing garment can be a bit of a hassle. I've had mixed results in the past but this time was very successful. I think much of it has to do with whether the garment you are attempting to use has been stretched out. It's pretty difficult to create a pattern with a warped piece of clothing. So my suggestion is not to use an item with said issues. You end up wasting good fabric and feeling frustrated, which is contradictory to your goal, right? Right. 

The only measurement I couldn't get was for the elastic. To get this I grabbed another pattern for a summer pair of pj shorts and used the length of elastic given for his size. 

Really, not much of an oooh and aaah project to show but sometimes life isn't that exciting. I'm alright with that. 

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