Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sewing for Baby - Stripes + Red

With just three months of time before our newest addition is scheduled to arrive, I'm moving along well with little baby items to welcome him or her into our lives. Just because we aren't finding out the sex, doesn't mean the sewing has to wait. 

This weekend while working away on some items for the SHOP, I cut a few extra pieces out for our bundle. 

They aren't really a matching set, but they could totally go together. Let's be honest here, I will likely have the baby wear them together. 


I successfully matched about half the stripes and the other half are exactly opposite of each other, but I don't mind. I live on the wild side and my children live right there with me. 

Also, these pants. Let's talk about them. 
They're made from about the softest knit I've ever owned. Instead of making the bottom of the feet from the same red knit, I used a grey suede fabric that I've been into lately. I purchased it on clearance at Joann's many moons ago and meant it to be for hats, but it's pretty thin and the hat I made wasn't the winter thickness I had intended. So, it sat on my shelf until the last month or so. I've used it to line The Caroline Party Dress that I made for Project Run and Play's Signature Style challenge, and of course a few of these little pants. I really like it paired with the soft knit. I mean, what better way to spoil our new baby? 

I haven't branched out much in my sewing to create other things for the baby. I'm not really sure what else we need. We probably don't REALLY need clothes either, but don't tell me that because I won't be listening. I'm sure I'll be sewing up binky clips and whatnot fervently the weeks before my due date. 

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