Thursday, February 20, 2014

Pajama Pants & Thrift Shop Finds

I was absent last week from the blog so the projects I was working on have accrued in a nice little "to-do list" for blog-writing that I keep on my kitchen table. I totally get that consistent posting is good, but enjoying each and every day is a huge priority for me. So, when we have sunshine, I push my computer aside and take my kids to the zoo or the library or somewhere we can get OUT and move. It tends to mess with my blog posts, but my children (and I) are so much happier! I'm sure anyone else living in a climate where winters are cold and icky can understand. 

Plus it leaves this week with lots of new posts, which is pretty fun.

Archer was starting to need pajama pants... or at least I started noticing that he didn't have any in his drawers at bedtime. I'm pretty laid back about clothing and on many days he's seen wandering the house (or sleeping at night) without pants. I blame all the diaper changes, but in all likelihood he'll be pants-less when he's out of diapers as well. haha

I didn't have a pattern for anything winter appropriate and didn't feel like drafting. It seems like when I draft on the fly I end up with pants that don't have a high enough rise for his cloth diaper. So I grabbed up my Surfer Slacks pattern by See Kate Sew. I added another band of contrast color because the winterized pair I made a while ago show his diaper by about an inch and at night he wears an extra thick one... which I didn't want to be uncomfortable.

It worked really well! 

I've had this cassette tape fabric a while but when I felt how soft it was, I knew it was the perfect choice for his comfy pj's. 

In other news, I went to the thrift shop with my mother two nights ago just to walk and browse. I found some fabric shoved in a plastic bin for next to nothing. Yes, please. 

I love both of these. The mustard colored cotton and simple white eyelet will be a great choice for some summer dress for Lily Mae. 

Last week mom popped over with this lovely find from another thrift store - Thomas the Tank Engine sheets (fitted twin sheet, flat sheet, and pillowcase) all for $2.99. I put the pillowcase on Archer's bed thinking it would MAKE HIS DAY (er, night?) but the kid flipped out. He was yelling "no!" and pulling it off his pillow. When dad tried to replace it with the simple black pillowcase that is normally on but he x'd that idea as well still yelling "NO!" So, plain old pillow it is. His bed looks a little sad but what can you do? 

Kids will be kids. 

I'm wondering if it's because he's recently shown a ton of interest in Toy Story. Specifically Woody and Buzz Lightyear. Oh, and Batman. I'm raising a full fledged boy here, who would have thunk it? I thought I was stuck in the land of pink and purple princesses for like, ever. Now I'm thrown into a 360 and searching the thrift shops for super hero t-shirts, ha! 

I love how life is such an ADVENTURE and that my children are exactly who they want to be. 

They have my heart. 

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