Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Maternity Dress in Floral

I told myself that this pregnancy would be different. That this time around, with my increased skills and determination I would make maternity clothing for myself ... and here I am, 29 weeks pregnant and posting the first maternity item. I will say, this isn't the first item I've sewn, but instead the first real success. Something I can and WILL wear. 

While scanning through my pdf patterns folder I came across the "T-shirt Dress" by Dixie Diy. I hadn't even remembered downloading it but after looking it over I felt it could be adapted to be a maternity dress without much stress. I'm no guru at making women's clothing - but I found this project to be pretty simple.

Looking at the size chart I found that (with my belly) my waist would fit about a size M, so I went ahead and cut that size out. Then I put the dress together to create the shell (sewing the shoulder and side seams).  I then put the dress on inside out and stood with a mouthful of pins in front of my full length mirror. 

I was able to determine how much smaller the top of the dress needed to be by pinching and pinning the fabric directly under my armpits to a comfortable fit. I also used a pin to mark where I wanted the dress to flare bigger to accommodate the belly.  After removing the dress I could measure how much fabric needed to go (about 1.25 inches under the arms) and then with my fabric pen I created symmetrical lines for myself to sew on either side. 

I then adjusted my sleeves to match the amount take off under the arms. This worked even better than planned because the arms in size M were much larger than my actual arms (normally I would likely need a size XS in the dress). I wanted them to be fitted, but also to leave myself a little wiggle room so the dress remained comfortable. 

After getting everything put together and fitting nice, I wanted to add some definition to the area between my breasts and belly.  I put the dress on inside out again, marked where my nipples were (haha, stick with me here!) then marked a general line where I wanted the definition to be. 
With those marks I was able to keep the ruched portion slightly wider than my breasts and even. I grabbed some 1/4 in. elastic and stretched it across the line I had created from the spots marked 1 inch past either nipple lines. (yeah, that's what I'm calling them.)

Another alteration I made was the length of the neck binding. I found that when pinning, even though I hadn't adjusted the neckline, that the binding was about 2 inches larger than I needed it to be. I removed the excess fabric plus another half inch (ish). It still gaps a tad so next time I'll likely take off an extra full inch to 1.25 inches just to be on the safe side. 

All in all, I really like the dress. The fit looks comfortable but not like a potato sack and it's easy to wear with a pair of jeans and boots. If I can find suitable fabric I'd be down to create another one of them! 

Pattern: T-shirt Dress from DixieDIY.com
Fabric: Denver Fabric


  1. You crack me up and are the most adorable preggo lady! You can't even tell from the back!

    1. There's no baby in the back woman! lol! (jk- you know I love you)

  2. This is so cute! I love how you cut it down to fit you exactly. Great job! I'm glad it worked out. This is the first "maternity hack" I've seen of any of my patterns. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping it isn't the last maternity hack I do with this pattern. Again, thanks for taking the time to draft it and offering it for free! <3


  3. That is so adorable! I would have loved something like this for pregnancy! Looks great on you!


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