Saturday, March 15, 2014

Planning for PR&P Sew-along

My machine has been a buzzing as I start sewing along for Project Run & Play Season 9. 
Did you see they announced the themes? 

Monday, March 24:  Season 9 Begins!!!  And the linky party opens for your "Put Me In the Zoo" looks.
Monday, March 31:  "Spring Break Challenge" week and the linky party opens.
Monday, April 7:  "Design Your Own Fabric" week challenge and the linky party opens.
Monday, April 14  :  Signature Style Week and the linky party opens.

Last season I found myself sewing up outfits last minute like, uh, every week. So this time around I'm getting a head start and doing some planning/sketching (what?!- yeah you read right) and even sewing some of the items up now. Who is this woman I'm becoming?

Alright, so here's a random kitchen table sketch. I really want to focus on items my kids will NEED rather than things I find fun to make. They end up sitting on a hanger and I get grouchy when they aren't worn. Totally not worth it. I came up with summer pajamas. (top part of the page)

I wanted the pajama set to have simple gathered shorts and a cotton tank. Something light and cool for hot nights. Basically the shorts from this vintage pattern - they should be pretty simple to draft up.
I won't spill the beans on exactly which theme I'm using them for, but it's safe to say that it won't be my signature style. 

Also on my list of to-makes? 

1. Capri Pants for Lily Mae (junky sketch from bottom portion of the paper)
2. Cotton Pajama shorts for Archer 
3. Cool shit to go with said items

The rest is still up in the air! Have you started planning for PR&P? 
There's also a whole week of KCW sewing coming up April 7- 13 and I'm getting excited for that as well. It's getting super close to my due date and there are a number of things I'd like to make for my newest babe. Finding inspiration in neutral colors can be a little difficult, but also fun. I want to make sheets, and a quilt, and oh my goodness .. so so many things that my head spin! 


  1. I'm impressed that you are planning ahead! One of these days I should really try that too :)

    I nominated your blog for a Liebster award :) Here's a link if you are interested:

    1. Right?!? While I love planning, being a mom has really killed my planning skills in certain areas. While I am capable of having a full bag packed with diapers, entertainment, snacks, etc before going ANYWHERE, I don't find the time to plan for things that are more creative and FUN like I use to. So sad! I'm taking my planning time back. Or, at least I'm making an effort to reclaim some of it. :) Thanks so much for the liebster as well, that's super kind of you to think of me. <3


    2. Unfortunately, being a mom kills a lot of things including brain cells :) I swear I used to be smart, but perhaps not so much any more! However I'm finding that as my kids get older I'm getting a little better at planning and following through with those plans. Maybe by the time I have grandchildren I will have my life back together again :)


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