Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Bandanna Bib **easy breezy

Good morning everyone! 

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The Bandanna Bib
worlds easiest project. be warned, the tutorial is short& almost unnecessary. 

I love this bib because i can quickly whip up four of them& I HAVE to use one for my little man since I couldn't ever be caught giving away one that says made in china <--- if you've read my blog for a while, you may know my husband is a china-hater when it comes to the amount of products that we buy. Made in America, <3. though, i bought these far before we met.

ok, here comes the tutorial!!

 Step 1
Take a bandanna & cut it into 4's 

Step 2
Cut out batting that is the same as your square, you only need 2 of these. (not 4)

Step 3
Cut your batting in half

 place it on your square&
fold the square over to cover the batting. 

see??? Step 4 
sew around the edges & attach a small snap to two of the corners so it can secure around the babies neck. &your done! 

I love that each bib turns out to have this perfect edge of the pattern that is printed on the bandanna, note: the back will be a funky piece of the pattern, ignore it& be glad you always know which side is the back. :)

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  1. Oh these are cute! I have a sister who is having a little boy, I think I'll make some of these for her :) I'd make one for my son, but no way he'd keep it on!


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