Thursday, August 30, 2012

How to lengthen kids pants/jeans!

After me& the hubby decided that I would stay home with the kids we knew we would have to start being more .... money conscious. Not that we couldn't splurge on something like... well pants, but that's not the point. My daughters pants fit her amazing in the waist& terribly for the length. 

Am i the only one raising a little bean pole? 
course not. 

So here is how to get one more year out of those pants. 

Step 1: Rip out the old hem
Step 2: Measure the difference between your short pants& a pair that is the right length (or just measure how much longer they need to be + 1 inch for seam allowance). Also measure the circumference of the jeans +1 in. for seam allowance. 
Step 3 cut the length of fabric (use the circumference +1 in.)  that is 2x the width you need it. 
** for example my width was 3 in. so I cut a 6 in. piece. 

Step 4: Sew the material into a tube (the two short sides should be sewn together). 
Step 5: fold your fabric in half (making it the length you need it, so my 6 in. piece was now 3 in., right sides facing out.)
Step 6: pull the tube onto your pant leg, the folded hem should be up by the knee, then you can pin your seams together. 
Step 7: sew 
Step 8: cuff them if you'd like, i did so they can get even longer as the year goes on& added this little piece of material to hold the cuff up. I should have done it on the outside of the pan leg rather than the inside... lesson learned! 

You can still see the old lines from where it was hemmed before, but i don't mind& neither did lily. 
life is good, money is saved. 
thanks for stopping by!

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