Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Heidi&Finn Hooded Sweatshirt

Quite a while ago I purchased  Heidi&Finn's Urban Hoodie/sweatshirt pattern after viewing an awesome batman hoodie of it by Max California, & realizing it would be a great addition for a family of one boy& one girl ... which makes "buying in bulk" a laughable matter considering how different there styles are. 
With this pattern I was surprised to see that it could easily be interchanged for both boys& girls... yay for us frugal mommies! 

I picked out a variety of knits that were pink& black, some solid while others were the pink&black polka dot. You may recognize this material from lily's circus inspired dress. This basically finished it up since I'm not a person who buys large bulk fabric but instead I'll get about 1-2 yards of stuff I think is fun& hope I can find something worthy of it to sew.  :) 

I'm really surprised at how THICk it was. &with all that lining i was skeptical of my abilities as a seamstress, but once finished I felt like "WOW, I only made ONE mistake. I can do a lot more than I thought!" yeah I self motivate, what of it? lol

Next time, because I have about 5 more of these baby's to whip up for winter (between her&brother I KNOW i will use this pattern to bits)... & i'm hoping to make them in varying sizes too. Though i will mention this is a 5t& lily is only 4.5& usually wears her size well into the next age range, so I'm glad I didn't make a bunch of 4t ones only to find out they are on the small side. 

I can also see myself making some for spring/fall weather that aren't lined. Or maybe some fleece ones that I probably wouldn't line either. 

I'm still learning how to keep my stitching really clean. It's something only practice can correct. well, i'm sure a bit more patience could help.

Be prepared, I will be updating quite a bit about fall clothes that I am making the kids... 
I'm on a bit of a  challenge to sew the majority (if not ALL) of my kids fall clothes.
Just cause I know I can do it& I would like to try. 
So, matching outfits here we come! 

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