Sunday, September 9, 2012

Family Photo Session!!

I could make list after list of things that I would LIKE to have. Actually lists are just my thing & i actually do have that list, but it only has three things on it, i swear. 
One of the things that just didn't make the cut, but is seriously going to someday....

a clickety thing that makes my Nikon take photos. 
You know, that thing. 

I'm not sure what it's called, but boy would family photo's look nicer with it! When we don't splurge on getting them done (we did for maternity/newborn photos early this year), I just throw down a random white sheet and snap away. 

it's fun& it's great practice. 

the two boys; kickin' it off

btw i don't >usually< hang around in my swimming suit, this was impromptu! 

aw, i have so much to looooove

It would be awfully fun to get together but it makes for some interesting match ups& we all get a turn using the camera. Just wait, biggest monster will soon be old enough to hold it& get one of me&dad ALONE. WHAA??!!? hehe

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