Friday, September 14, 2012

Refitting Mens Tees

I'm constantly amazed at how easy you can resize, reuse,& repurpose clothing. I saw it today on Project Run& Play when Delia *from DeliaCreates took an old cardigan dress making it a smaller, much cuter cardigan for her little lady. 
&I've been hard at work, making my own man little mens shirts. 
I shouldn't even claim it as hard work, seeing as it only takes me about 20 minutes to whip one up. 

I actually made 3, but he was wearing the it. 

I also took another try with a romper using an old men's dress shirt. It was this interesting green plaid that I liked, & i thought to liven it up with bright yellow bias tape lining the inside. Have i mentioned enough how I love doing that?? 

I wanted to incorporate this pocket rather than picking it off the dress shirt. SO, i shifted my pattern to the right, creating an offset front. 

I finally broke down on how much I dislike sewing on buttons&snaps. They seem to fray more, it's harder on the fabric leaving weak spots (buttons) & an overall pain ! 
Solution was snap tape & I'm now a believer. I picked up close to 4yds of this stuff for future use. 
It can be a little tricky to sew on but I was able to maneuver my regular foot (*my sewing machine only came with 1, it's SO old) 
over the snaps as long as I moved slowly.  

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