Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Making the Most of a Pattern::

Hey guys! I surely didn't fall off the face of the earth, though that would be a much more interesting introduction wouldn't it? Instead, I've had shotty internet during the construction my husband is doing on our yard. I'm completely guilty of allowing my biggest monster to watch a cartoon while I do a blog entry. 
Sometimes it's just what I need to feel 
like I still have a little "me" time
throughout the day. 

Anyways, so I've been gone but I have also been busy using this time to sew. 


I've been using a pattern like crazy lately, Heidi & Finn's Sweatshirt pattern. 

Boy is this thing handy! I believe it was 6.00usd & I've created SO much using it! The pieces work well for the hooded sweatshirt as well as coats& cardigans depending on the choice of fabric. 

Let me expand. 

For a cardigan I can use a nice thick knit fabric, exclude the lining& with a double needle it doesn't pucker at the seams at all. Also I added a bit of single sided bias tape to the neckline because I like how it lays& it won't be stretched over his head. 

Fits SO well!

Here is used a pink satin for the exterior, used the hood& lined the hood& sleeves with minky fabric. What a great fall coat for my biggest monster! She felt the sleeves were a bit tight, and I should have probably sewed a small seam on them for the bulky fabric & the ability to wear it with a hoodie, but lesson learned. She will simply have to wear it with tees or long sleeve shirts. Either way, it's so thick & snuggly I doubt she'll mind. 

Here it is again, but this time it's a size 6 mo. Included is sized 6 mo-5t. SO much to work with. 
I used an old pillowcase (the maroon fabric) & leftover fabric from other projects to create this thick fall coat for my son. Still used the hood& again I didn't sew the front shut like it called for with the hoodie. 
None of these fabrics were knits, but he it doesn't seem to matter. LOVE! 

You can find Heidi& Finn's Patterns on Etsy  

Also, my opinions are that and simply that. Opinions. I don't have any connection to Heidi & Finn, but I can only tell you how I've experienced their work. 

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