Monday, October 29, 2012

Halloween nearly lost...

I can't believe that Halloween is nearly over. I feel like this year was an epic fail of a Halloween. 

1. It's Archer's first, and I didn't make him an outfit. 

2. We haven't carved our pumpkins yet

3. much less decorated the house. :/ 

4. Lily's costume is also a :from the store: costume, though I tend not to fret over that as much because she PICKED what she wanted and kept switching what she wanted. 
We've basically been wearing any costume she owns for a week now. 

in the end, dad & i had the flu and basically slept through the whole weekend. Past the bars full of entertaining outfits& past my Wiz Khalifa concert (grrr) ... 
but shoot. I haven't missed beggars night with the kids. 
& I really don't care to go to the bars too often. 

Here was our trip to the Patch, where we did enjoy some good ol' midwest fun. 




  1. What part of the Midwest are you from? I'm in the Midwest too!

  2. We're in Iowa. I sure do love it here, although I wish the cold weather wasn't so.. bitter. lol Where are you at?


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