Thursday, November 8, 2012

little man khaki pants

I don't know why, but I am so terribly obsessed with dressing my 7month old boy as a man. My heart nearly bursts when I find a tiny clip on tie or long sleeve button down. Those things are hard to find especially when you aren't willing to pay a LOT for them. Instead, I really do try to create the pieces that I can't purchase. Which is tricky since my last sewing class was in junior year of high school :/ . So I pin inspiration and have been trying to find patterns that follow along with the styles I like. (you can follow my little BOY fashion board on pinterest)

The newest pattern purchased (that I've finished, I've got another on the way!) is called "the unisex pants with adjustable waist," &I bought on etsy from The Lily Bird Studio

I thought they turned out great! The pattern was the only non-knit pattern I could find with sizes anywhere close to his. He's 7 months, and the pattern was 12mo & older. So, I made a pair to check them out, & they fit in the waist but not in the length. There they were much too long. 

These are pants#2 with shorter, but still lengthy legs. 
Those little tiny pockets are a pain but they were too cute to exclude. 

Looking much better and with the adjustable waist, & comfy too.

I had issues understanding the decorative stitching, hence half of it not being finished.(the two lines that run along one side of the seam) It said fold the hem to the right and stitch. Easy enough, right? WRONG. I couldn't decide if they wanted me to turn them over then fold it or if it would be the right side of the finished side. lol

 I thought they looked cleaner without anyways. It gives more of a cargo pants/jeans feel & I wanted clean cut. The pair I'm making now doesn't include very much of the detail work. I kept the pockets even cleaner by folding the liner completely behind rather than halfway and adding a contrasting fabric like they suggested. & I also didn't add belt loops. I like that the feature is available with measurements though, since I will likely be making jeans etc that will need them especially once he's older. 

I chose to make the adjustable waist on both sides. Their pattern calls for one (i think, that part got hard to understand). 

I used a new style tag, this was on a whim really. I like that it's large and flat and using stamps works really well with cotton fabrics.

My little man does so well helping me show my work. <3

My biggest monster even wanted to jump in for a picture. 


  1. These turned out super cute! I LOVE little boys dressed like men :) I haven't tried to make an adjustable waistband yet, it looks tricky. You did a good job.

  2. It's really not much different from an elastic waistband. Instead of leaving an opening in the back, you create buttonholes on the waistband, close to where there hip bones would be. Then pull the elastic through and anchor it at the back crease. To make the slits, you use a seam ripper and tear a small section of the elastic. Sew the button on the waistband to attach the elastic to and your done!

    Seriously much easier that I had thought prior to doing these.


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