Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What I've been doing...

Hello all, it's been quiet around my house these last few days. We had my dad and sister in town visiting for Thanksgiving, so lots of hustle and bustle... even for this quick moving family. 

Since my dad was occupying my craft room/spare bedroom there wasn't much going on in terms of sewing. 

Baby Boy/Littlest monster chose Thanksgiving to debut his new crawl. I was so excited. He went down for nap a boy who rocked back and forth and woke up a crawler. So, one day after his 8 month milestone he crawled. That'a boy. 

With his new crawling comes lots of exploration. He's been all over lily's their playroom. What use to be safe, is now within grasp. Lily is taking this time to adjust by running to grab any toy he touches from his tiny fat fingers. She frantically hides the things she doesn't think he should have. I am learning that like all things, this too shall pass. After a deep breath I have to remind her our toys are for everyone to enjoy. 

Her blue eyes are too gorgeous for words. 

Eight months later. 
How did you fit in my belly?! 

Homeschool is going really well. We did two weeks worth of dinosaur curriculum and drove up to Illinois so we could visit Rockford's National History Museum where they house quite a few dinosaur bones/recreated skeletons.

It was really awesome, but I didn't have a very focused monster that day. 

Biggest monster drew this awesome picture of our family. I guess when it began I was actually the one with breasts and a big round belly, she was the child in the middle, and dad was the big green and blue banana. 

Somehow I became the banana, dad got a few appendages, and baby boy snuck in the middle of us. Previously he had been on the waaaaaay other end of the page, no underlying resentment there i'm sure. :)

I'll be back soon enough with another dress for my biggest monster. 

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