Monday, August 20, 2012

The Circus Inspired Dress :: bandanna + knit fabric = dress!

Good morning! 
Since last night was the LAST & FINAL night of the fair when all of the vendors pull down their stands& either head home or to the Nebraska state fair, my husband worked late into the night. 
I was also working, but on a FUN project that popped into my head. 
I knew I wanted to create another dress for lily, 
BUT I hadn't put much thought into the specifics& felt it would be fun to wing it. 

i do that a lot. lol

I found this plaid bandanna in my stash& cut it in half& sewing it into a tube for the skirt. Then I used this awesome awesome grey rib knit for the main body. I didn't want it to look exactly like the last bandanna dress I made her, so I set it aside & got to thinking about how I would finish the top to make it unique. 

::the green bandanna dress::

What I decided to do (after lying in bed for who knows how long planning my sewing strategy, am i the only one who does this??lol) ... i decided to add an off the shoulder strap. 

I've never made this type of shoulder before, but after all that planning..
you know, when i was suppose to be falling asleep...
I felt like it wouldn't be too difficult to figure out. 

I measured lily around her shoulders& it was 26 inches. I didn't add any extra length since i was going to use another knit& it would be able to stretch. 
THEN, I created a tube using a 6x26 inch piece of fabric. I folded it in half to make it 3x26 in.  I ironed the hem& sandwiched the front& back of the dress body between it before sewing.  

It really only took me 15 minutes this morning the finish the top& 
thats saying a lot for being my first time! 

** I'm really figuring out the the iron is my friend. It absolutely helps a project move along smoothly. 

hope you all have a great day!


  1. That looks great!! I would totally wear that ^_^

  2. I love the fabric choice on the shoulder strap, and the other fabric peeking out of the skirt is so cute.


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