Friday, August 3, 2012

shirr thing! Pillowcase to Maxi Dress

Shirring : sh er 
gather (an area of fabric or part of a garment) by means of drawn or elasticized threads in parallel rows. 

Shirring is a technique that I hadn't gotten the to try yet. &today when I was using an old set of flannel sheets to sew cloth baby wipes for Archer, I came across this pillowcase& thought decided to take a break from sewing square after square after square... etc. 

I wanted to use the pillowcase to make Lily a dress. I wasn't sure what style, and I haven't ever sewn her a maxi before.. but what the heck. I'm trying new things today right?

After shirring the open end of the pillowcase, I tried it on her & she loved the length. I easily hemmed the bottom after cutting it open of course, then added the white ribbon for straps so it wouldn't keep falling down... 

Wa-la! looks great! 

I was nervous about her trying to stretch it out too much and ripping the shirring so I ran my sewing machine perpendicular to the shirring in some spot... that way if she rips it, it might not completely unravel. 

She donned this day her wedding day& skipped/twirled/danced around the house for 20 minutes. That's about all I can ask for ... <3

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