Friday, July 13, 2012


Good Afternoon! I'm here sharing a few instagram photos of recent- since it is highly addictive and gives me GREAT photos of my kiddos. <3 

If you haven't downloaded the app yet- beware. You may become an insta-photographer as I have! 

Here's one of lily& her little cousin ... Lily is a bit of a shoe-a-holic (are you enjoying all my made up words this post?)  Whenever we have friends/family over... they see the baskets brimming with different kinds of shoes and love it. Cowgirl boots, rain boots, red sparkly shoes, etc. They find their way onto feet& thats when the fun starts. 

I snapped this one of lily today, it's been awfully rainy but that doesn't ruin her fun. She ran and got her rain stuff& went to play. 

This week I've had lily's little sister, which was a super fun surprise. Who doesn't panic when their childcare provider is sick for a whole week straight?? oh boy- I would! Thank goodness I am home& love to see her little pig tails& goofy grin. 

Well, I hope you guys are snapping away& capturing those little moments of cute kid goodness like I am. Have a great weekend! 

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