Wednesday, July 4, 2012


HI! So glad to be here showing you guys some AWESOME onesies I've been working on recently. I have been making SO many, that I've decided to call this week:

1 Week Of Onesies

First off is a super simple onsie I made for my Little Man:

Step 1: use a tattered scrap of Freezer Paper to draw your skull and cross bones
Step 2: Cut out & iron on to your onesie
Step 3: Cut a scrap the is larger that your first, but not by much, this is how you will create the thin line around your skull and crossbones. Adhere scrap to your onesie. 
Step 4: paint onesie with black permanent acrylic paint, 
Step 5: before peeling, iron over paint& paper <--- I think this makes the lines cleaner. 
Step 6: Pull off paper, iron again. 
Step 7: Sew on buttons for the eyes

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