Thursday, April 17, 2014

Upcycled Summer Pajama Shorts

New item of necessity? Summer pajama shorts for Archer. 
It seems like winter dragged on forever, then suddenly without warning, we had a day where the temp was 86 degrees. Whaaaat? So, like a smack in the face, spring showed up and I realized that though Archer had plenty of tees to sleep in, but he didn't have many pairs of shorts to go with them. He really can't go without shorts on or he'll rip his diaper off and scream "Mommy, help me!" until I come in and put it back on. I'm also not a big stickler for matching pajamas- in fact, it seems like anytime I expect items to go together the kids pull out their opinion cards and tell me they want something different. oy. I give up, wear what you wish little ones. 

So, instead of making the matching pajamas I normally do, I grabbed an old tee and upcycled it into two pairs of summer pajama shorts. The shirt was from the band "The Who" and really made for some cute shorts. 

I made one pair using the existing hem at the bottom of the legs and the second I did a ribbed cuff as the pattern called for. I even got the main "The Who" logo on one pair, though the second only has the flag. 

These were very quick to sew up, taking me about an hour between the two of them. A perfect nap time sewing project really. 

Pattern: Alex & Anna Summer Pajama's by Peekaboo Pattern Shop
Fabric: Upcycled Mens T-shirt

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