Friday, April 4, 2014

“Give Yourself a Raise” with

I normally don't post about companies, but when Jessica from (<--- click to check them out!) contacted me about their website, I was intrigued and went over to see what they were all about. Honestly, it's a pretty fun idea. You know when you get gift cards for places you don't regularly shop at? Now you can sell them online at their website. Then, anyone who frequently shops there can purchase the card for a discount and get more for their money. Seems a lot better than letting it sit in the drawer until it's lost, right? 

I especially loved the concept of rewarding yourself for all the hard work you put in every day, which is a focus for the "give yourself a raise" message. Even when that something is a Starbucks coffee that you normally wouldn't splurge on or a yard of gorgeous fabric that yells your name; giving yourself permission to indulge once in a while can really perk up your mood.

Personally, I just gifted myself with a small vacation to visit my sister in Denver. I packed up the kids, my mom, and a ton of luggage and didn't think twice about it!  My husband's been working each night renovating our newly purchased farm house and being with the kids alone so much has really worn me out. I feel like taking the six days off and enjoying a little fabric shopping and fun was exactly what I needed. Wouldn't it be great to give yourself that gift without spending as much?

If you have a tried and true establishment where you shop, check out and see if you can save some $$ while buying the things that give you a smile.

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