Saturday, April 19, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jean Shorts in Geometric Print

I'm back for my second pair of Small Fry Skinny Jeans
Such a great pattern. 

For this pair I chose to make shorts for my son who just turned two in March. He's a short stocky boy who is cloth diapered (big ol' bum ladies). 
I purchased the larger package feeling a little sad that the bundles went from infant-2 yo then 3yo & up.  I thought that meant that he was going to have to wait until next year to get a pair, until I found that her size 2t free pattern was still available for download (SCORE!). 
Print, tape, sew... fast forward some and see that they turned out even better than my first pair. They also took me significantly less time as I was more confident with my flat felled seams and had a better understanding of how the pattern went together. 

I hadn't planned on doing the large outside front pockets but the free download only includes that option. After finishing them, I'm glad that's the route it went. Even with such a bold pattern, the pockets don't make the pants too busy. 

I didn't get too fancy with the stitching on the back pockets. Again- that bold pattern just didn't call for a lot of extra's and instead does really well on its own. Oh, and with this pair my sewing machine did perfect with the belt loops! I can't believe I even put them on this pair after last pairs nightmare, but I'm a bit stubborn and couldn't let it go until I was the champ.
(picture me jumping up and down like rocky)

I finished them up while kids were napping and could hardly wait to try them on him when he woke up. He was still a bit sleepy and kept giving me this face. 

Regardless of his facial expression, they fit wonderfully! I'm glad I was able to put them on him to check length before he laid down since it required me to cut around 2.5 in. off the length (2.5 in. MORE than what I had eyeballed when cutting them out). Goodness, this kid is a shortie! It's such a drastic sewing change from my girl who is very tall and skinny. All he wanted to do was play with the kitty, so I let him roam and watched as the pants moved well with him.

After sewing this pattern up twice, I'm even happier with it. I feel like it will become a staple in their wardrobe whether it be warm or cold weather. Plus, I continuously fall in love with the versions I see from other bloggers, fueling my drive to sew MORE MORE MORE small fry skinny jeans.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend and that where you are, you're experiencing nice weather!


  1. These turned out great for your little guy! What kind of fabric is that? Cotton? I haven't made my first pair of Small Fry pants yet, but am going to soon. Thx! Jen

    1. Thank you! I believe it was a specialty cotton, it's got a good stretch to it but is a bottomweight material. I tried to find it on to give you better info but it seems to be offered in store only. Hope that helps!

  2. Oh, I love them! And I love the tiny bit of cloth diaper sticking out at the top. My tall 14-month-old needs new shorts yesterday and I have the 2T free pattern so I think I will make some up this week. Without this post, I wouldn't have thought there would be enough room for his cloth diaper bottom. Thanks!

    1. When I have the choice, I always use the rise of the next size up to make extra room for his diapers. You could extend the pieces up at the top about 1 inch if you want a REALLY good fit. Just make sure you don't add an inch to the back leg AND the back yoke as that would add 2 inches rather than one. You would just pick one and add the extra. As you saw his diaper sticks out just a little and I'll likely make the adjustment next time- but for making the pattern as is, it turned out to fit his butt really well. :)


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