Monday, April 7, 2014

KCW Day1 & Calling All Kids

Kids Clothes Week (aka KCW) is a sewing event I've followed for quite some time. I've enjoyed taking time to plan out my kids outfits rather than flying by the seat of my pants. It's that extra creative step that many times gets left out & during KCW and other challenges I get to stop and really enjoy the creative process of sewing that I love so much. 

Yesterday I pulled out my sketching journal with the task of making any last baby items before Baby Crawford #3 is born. I'm due in approximately 4 weeks and now's the time it usually hits me that there are loose ends to be tied up. This baby has me extra laid back, being that it's #3. I feel much more confident that things will be fine and even if we don't have an item, we can get it. 

Still, I could stand to double check my sewing list. 
I ended up with a really short one -

1. Raglan Tee's
2. Knit Diaper Covers 
3. Large Zipper Bags

I also want to do a baby swimming suit since you can't buy them anywhere local, but I don't know what the baby's sex is and that will make a difference. I thought the knit diaper covers would be a good test of whether Dana Made It's diaper cover pattern could be turned knit without issues. I will simply use that as the swim bottoms and mb make a quick top? I dunno, that idea's still bumping around in my brain getting worked out. 

So what did I actually sew for day 1? 

The itsy bitsy diaper covers. Aren't they cute? I kept them gender neutral so either sex can enjoy them.

As I said, I was concerned that the pattern wouldn't translate to knits well. I'm happy to say that they look great. If anything, they may take a bit more time to fit into? Nothing too bothersome. I made the size 0-3 months since the baby is due in mid May and the weather can get hot. I want to be able to throw a dress or t-shirt on top and let the baby chill pants-less. 
Comfort all the way. 

This little thing was made from the sleeve of a mens shirt. It's THAT small. It kills me!

The gender neutral design also fits perfectly with the Calling All Kids sew-a-long hosted by Alida Makes. Today is Day 1 for it as well! I haven't ever had the patience to wait until birth to find out the sex, until now. So when she announced another round of the series dedicated to throwing out gender roles in kids clothing, I was really excited. I can't wait to see what inspiration the bloggers will share. 

See you all tomorrow with some more sewing fun. 


  1. Awwwww, so teeny! And I love the "version 3.0" <3 I love these!

    1. It makes me excited and so sentimental to stack tiny baby items up! I don't remember them being so small with Lily and Archer, how could I have forgotten so quickly?!

  2. so cute!!!! I cannot wait for baby version 3.0!

    1. Me either! I'll likely be sending you messages the whole time- is that creepy? lol


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