Monday, April 14, 2014

KCW Day 7: The Racerback Dress in Green

On the last day of KCW I decided that I had sufficiently stocked up on newborn/small sized baby clothing and that this day I would have a little fun. Of course the project was finished towards dinner time when light was less than ideal, so I chose to wait to photograph. I even tried (for a good twenty minutes) to see if I could play with lighting/settings on my camera to get a decent photo and found it futile. For my level of photography skill, proper natural light is needed. 

I started out by digging through my upcycle pile, a real go-to lately, and finding a green mens t-shirt. I had wanted to make another Racerback Dress for Lily since I so enjoyed the tank I made from the pattern just a few weeks ago. I decided that I would move up a size and keep the width of the 3/4 size to accommodate Lily's tall& skinny figure. It concerned me that narrowing the width could cause some issues with the openings for her arms (I KNOW there's a technical term for this but I cannot for the life of me put my finger on it.. starts with an s... lol). I decided that the upcycled t-shirt would be the perfect fabric to try it out since it held no sentimental importance to me. 

It worked out really well. The opening was slightly smaller, but because her arms are just as skinny as the rest of her body and the design was for a slightly larger opening, it all worked beautifully. I don't think I'll attempt to keep the original neckline (from the t-shirt) on my next version. It ended up to be a little difficult trying to line up the neck binding from the front and back pieces cleanly, and I'm not particularly happy with the results I got.

Overall the dress looks great, though! I also took a bit of time to finish up a silly purse I created for her. I'm not sure how sports and ice cream fit together, but I'm running with it. I felt she needed something summery to put her items into and settled on an ice cream cone with two scoops and sprinkles - yum. I put a zipper in at the top, though I didn't bother lining it. It was a great scrap buster too!

Although I have a few other things I want to show, I'll be back next with a KCW round-up. See you all soon. 

Pattern: The Racerback Dress  by Crafterhours (free) ; Purse - Self Drafted
Fabric: Dress - Upcycled Mens T-shirt; Purse - Upcycled T-shirts& Scraps 

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