Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Costumes For the WHOLE Family (& even a friend)

Best of all was Lily's Little Mermaid Costume. & boy did she wear it well! Look at the little attitude she has with her hands on her hips. Haha. It always cracks me up even when she's mine <3. 
We picked up colored hairspray at Target for $2. I bought two cans, but one was absolutely plenty. 

 Chet and I were gypsies. His friends swear he's one so we ran with it! I sewed up a pair of pants reminiscent of Aladdin. He was sort or a gypsy right? He picked up a cheap ugly billowy shirt from the consignment store and used the leftover fabric from his pants on a wrap for his head. A bit of eyeliner and some of my daughters mardi gras beads made it just right. 

 I used the material left over from Chet's pants and sewed it on to a white tank top to make sleeves. It was quite simple, just a tiny bit of gathering an the top of the sleeves, placed right sides together to pin, then hem the edge. Then I used some leftover fabric from lily's mermaid tail and created a faux vest. I sewed it directly on to the tank top (didn't bother putting on a back). Just to finish it off,  I sewed brown ribbon to the bottom of the vest crisscrossing it to look like it was holding the vest bottom together.
Skirt was borrowed from a friend.

Then, because we have a friend who looks eerily similar to a DJ we listen to, my husband made his a costume as well. 

This is Bassnectar

This is Brian. 

& this is the turn tables that chet made.

Put them all together and they make ...

a sweet Bassnectar costume made for $13. 

A breakdown? of course!

First, A box lid                                             Free
Foam                                                         $2
Push Pins for buttons                                Free
Spray Paint (Black)                                   $3
Suspenders at Nobbies                            $8
Foil                                                               Free
45's                                                              Free
Ribbon                                                        Free
Headphones                                             Free

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