Friday, November 18, 2011

Halloween/October Scrapbook, The Little Mermaid

Finally finishing up Lily's Halloween/October Album. I had put together the book quite some time ago to ensure that I wouldn't space it. 

I had initially planned on putting a halloween plaque on the front of the album. In the end I decided it was too bulky and didn't fit the theme. Instead I found an old Valentines day card that Lily's grandparents had sent to her. I cut the little mermaid and the sebastian character out to use. 

Introduction page. I'd' really like to add some embellishments here, maybe coral/flowers/pearls&seashells.

Another page I would like to see more added to. 

I love that there are so many little pockets to put tags. 
Side 1

Side 2 

I added some photos that were either extras or bigger ones of a really cute small one I had put on a page. I used tabs to help organize them. 

I really like how these next few pages turned out. With a few more writing tags, they'll be completed. 

I tried to use tags to allow for page turners. I like how it makes the book look inviting when its closed. 

A few more tags. 

I will likely add prompts to the backs of these as well. She sure did enjoy washing the pumpkins and even tried helping others who were washing theirs!

The final page. I couldn't crop this photo down much more without losing quality, so instead I covered the background with another tag. 

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