Saturday, November 26, 2011

Holiday Skirt

As I mentioned after Halloween, my daughter becomes significantly attached to clothing items for whatever reason. It may just be a phase or her way of putting her foot down and being able to control something?  I haven't quite figured that out.

There was one particular skirt she seemed to like more than the others. (she sure does love them all though)... and it had become pretty stained. I told her she wouldn't be able to wear it anymore, which included a lot of tears. It was a complete breakdown. 

What could I do though? 
I had to do something. 

1. tear the original skirt apart

2. Break for breakfast

3. cut patterns using the original skirt

4. cut out fabric 
**Note this isn't the only piece, duh. There were 3, the lining/the waistband, and the overlay
Also, don't forget to add the elastic to the waistband!

5. Sew it together

6. Construct a cute headband using the leftover material!

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