Saturday, November 19, 2011

A work in progress: Mothers Day Album

I took a hiatus from working on my Mothers Day Album since I was at a standstill on what else to add. Last week I was able to pick it back up and continue since we were going to be attending Wicked that weekend. 

Now the Wicked theme of purple, green, and dark didn't really match my original steam punk decorated album, which put my mind to work. I wanted to have this event included but without taking away from the overall theme. 

I chose to add an insert into an envelope page so it would hide the inconsistency. 

This is the page I put on the outside of the envelope so she would know what was inside. I kept it simple and on the last page in the album so it wouldn't look like an eyesore amongst the steam punk pieces.
I used chipboard and scored my insert where it needed to fold. 

Using Graphic 45's The Magic of Oz paper I created this pull out. 

On one side I focused on the green background, leaving the middle blank for a photo of mom and I at the concert. 

I was able to grab a couple of pamphlets when I bought our tickets, they gave me some really great photos of the actual show to use. 

Here is the other side of my insert. I did have some green in here too of course, but wanted to focus more on the purple with this side. 

I really enjoyed making these witches feet pop. 

Plenty more to add to this work in progress but I like showing how the albums come together rather than always showing a finished product. It certainly helps me when I can see the steps in which things are layered to better understand how i can use the technique to create my own albums. I hope your able to get some use from my unfinished work!

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