Friday, November 11, 2011

Recycled Halloween Tshirt into Headband

I told my daughter after Halloween that we would need to retire some of her Halloween shirts. It devastated her as if I had just said I had eaten all of her candy. It got me thinking about what I could do with the shirts so she could still enjoy them without being dressed in Halloween clothes until Christmas. 

I wish I could take credit from this idea, but I cant! Found the inspiration on a woman's blog who had done it even better than I, but I can't seem to locate the blog again. : / Just know she's out there somewhere. 


First I cut out the little spiders that were on the front. Although I didn't end up using them on this headband, I thought they would still be cute on a pillow. 
Used the bottom of the shirt and one arm sleeve for the headband. 

The bottom of the shirt is the middle of the headband. 
I cut the seam off of the arm sleeve and then cut the fabric in half to create the two sides. 

Then I found a piece of remnant fabric that worked well with the project to contrast the orange. Also made it thicker for winter use. * it is now 3 ply in the middle. Two layers of the orange, one black.

Found a cute tutorial HERE to make a flower. 
You need: 7 circles of your tshirt fabric
1 small felt circle
Hot glue gun
needle and thread * optional

I chose to sew the flower onto the headband so it would be well secured, you could also hot glue it if you chose to. 

Here's the finished flower

I added some flair to it by free handing these pretty swirls, then sewed small gold beads on. 

It worked really well for an ear warmer, especially with the soft jersey fabric underneath. 

See how happy it made her?

I'd call this one a success!

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