Sunday, October 16, 2011

Halloween Pumpkin Carving and Painting

So goes the first blog using a terrible cell phone for my camera, I truly hope this doesn't have to continue. After last weeks visit to the pumpkin patch we decided that this weekend we should use the many pumpkins/gourds that were purchased. We were all tired of them sitting on the kitchen table. 

The first ones were these little half pumpkin half gourd things. Super cute reminded us of the little mushrooms in Mario. They needed to be evil. 

Took white paper and cut out teeth. Adhered them using Modge Podge and coated over them when done.

Here is a closer look.

Then, I used a sharpie to add the eyes. Could have also painted.

These were the gourds I used for the monster hands holding the eyeballs, which I painted last year. 
This year we made them ghosts.

Had my little Lily paint them white. Was a perfect job for her since she didn't have the dexterity for small details and couldn't use a knife. 

Just used some generic white paint. Took a few coats to cover the green ones.

Meanwhile, Dad took two small gourds and painted them like eyeballs. He used man tools (nails) to attach them to a white pumpkin.


THEN he took this strange looking gourd and used it for his creations nose. 

He finished it with a silly mouth. Thought it was quite cute and creative of him to put all of these together into one big mega monster. 

I carved a traditional pumpkin face. Though I sure do enjoy painting it's also nice to make one like I did when I was growing up. 

Glowing on our front porch.

They look very nice decorating the steps out front. Hope to get a family photo with all of them soon, then I can post it. Enjoy!

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