Sunday, October 9, 2011

Memories/Costumes/Crafts of Halloween Past

Since I sadly had to turn my camera back over to Nikon for repairs, its gone for a stint of time. Hubby and I went shopping for a cheaper one to use as a backup- plus when I'm going to a concert I risk hiding it and losing it to security. Who knows if it would come back in one piece. So, we've got our eye on one that is suppose to go on sale, and then my blog can be back in action. Till then: RECAP on past Halloweens

This is Lily and I two years ago at our most favorite pumpkin patch/tree farm. We've loyally visited it each year and had so much fun. 

In 2009, Lily was MAX from "Where the Wild Things Are." When she was born I decorated her room in it and have always loved this book. 

For the Costume:

1 pair of footed pajamas in White or Cream 
(I could only find one with a small decal so I used my Ripper to remove the stitching. Worked GREAT!)
1 Grey/Brown Feathered Boa for the tail, folded it in half and secured it to the butt of the PJ's.
1 Hat
(Was much easier to get her to wear, held her crown nicely after I sewed it in place, and was good for cold weather)
1 Burger King Crown
(used the crown as a template, glued felt over it so it looked nicer)
1 piece of Grey felt (ripped the seams from the toe area and sewed it back up with felt claws)

This is a Squash/Gourd, I'm not sure which. Painted it to look like monster fingers holding an eyeball. 

Lily, 2 years later, and even cuter. Howell's Farm updated and now has pony rides. She seemed to enjoy it quite a bit. 

Daddy and Lily ready to start picking out pumpkins

Lily and I two years later. Me- 5 months preggo and her ready to be a big sister. 

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  1. i LOVE the "Max" costume!!! i was looking for an idea for my 2 year old this year....this might just be it!



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