Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Halloween in September

Ahhhhh fall is definitely setting in. Now that I'm home (not working) for the most part I'm able to plan ahead instead of procrastinating. Its amazing what you can get done only working 2 days a week!! Yesterday I finished Lily's halloween costume. Although I was keen on her being either an owl or bird (only because I found the cutest costume tutorials online and I'm a bit selfish lol), she had other ideas and said she would like to be the little mermaid. I sucked up my mom authority and let her choose her own costume, though I do miss the days when I had full discretion over these decisions. Another benefit of finishing her costume more than a month before halloween is that I am able to foresee any issues that might come up: after trying it on she slipped onto her bottom... apparently the measurements for the fins/skirt are a bit big .... I spent a while brainstorming the ways to fix this without tearing apart my work and I think I will have success with some sort of metal wire at the bottom to help keep the fin from her feet. That has yet to go in but I'll add another photo once its done. It should also help with the complete look! Also chose to take in the sides of the bottom a bit, as you can see in the photo its a little big... she's just a skinny little lady!

The crown is something I picked up on clearance at Target. It and the costume will have a few finishing touches of seashells. The gathering on the top will rock a seashell and then the crown will have a sand dollar and possibly some smaller shells placed around it depending on how well the glue adheres to the plastic. It's all up in the air at this moment but like I said, I have so much time to dilly dally with it! OooH and possibly a little seashell bracelet or seaweed boa?? Now I'm getting a bit too excited. I even looked at what it would take me to make mom and dad matching characters, say King Triton and Ursula? lol This costume ran me about 60 dollars not including unused fabric (read the pattern wrong :/ ) and a silly button that needs to go back (6 dollars for a button?? i need to look before I just buy things!). Either way, it was a bit expensive and we'll see if Dad goes for the whole idea of making everyone their own costume. Until next time, good luck with your own projects and i'll update again soon. I haven't the time to include all my little projects, those will need to be saved for another post... :)

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