Friday, September 23, 2011

::Card Making:: Finding Interesting Items

Birthdays/Holidays/Thank You's .... it never seems to slow down. There is always an occasion worthy of a quick card through snail mail and everyone loves pulling out an envelope that doesn't have a bill in it. I know I sure do.

Shopping at an antique store I found a bag of old family photos. It had around 30 pictures of everything from christmas to the zoo and the backyard. Spanned over quite a bit of time as well. It was a good find for $5 and I have gotten to use them to make my homemade cards just that much more interesting. 


Found these cute sayings on Pinterest ... I love this website more than words. It allows me to organize all of the blogs/random searching I  do on the internet and pin them to my own boards with lables like "Photography" and "Sewing" and "Children" ... then when I go- "hey where did i see that cute way to .... " I can jump on and get right back to the website without trying to re-search through google in an endless maze of junk. 

Also, went to a local shop that had these hilarious Slang Flash Cards. This shop not only has the most awesome shirts in Iowa but a slew of other funny products. I used this card for my older sister who is indeed very short. I also went through and found other lingo to incorporate in with the theme so it says inside "Shorty- I hope you be wylin' out on your Birthday!" It was silly but I know she'll get a kick out of it. Should have made one for my Dad's birthday as well. Growing up he'd walk in the house saying something like "What's up boo?" We'd groan and tell him your boo was like a girlfriend or something, NOT your daughter. "OOOOOOh," he'd say and then immediately turn to my mom "What's up boo?" lol 

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