Monday, September 26, 2011

Paper Bag Album, my first attempt

A little more than a month ago I learned about paper bag albums. My first searches only showed me to fold the paper bags in half and bind them together using an accordion style binding. Tutorial for the binding is HERE. Her tutorial is really easy to understand. No reason to make my own. NOTE: I glued my pages into the accordion instead of using brads/eyelets.
Flower was off a gift given to me a while back. Used the leaves as page tabs attaching them with brads.

Found a bunch of little plastic pieces etc that my daughter carries around. She let me have them because the book was for her. 

When you fold the bag in half it creates a flap with the bottom of the bag. Used this as an interactive piece ...

You can fold it open to see more photos. Ones I had leftover from when Lily was born, I had sent them out to famiy.  The hearts are just paperclips folded, found that idea on pinterest, view it HERE.

Rainbow bright was pulled off of an old hair-tie I had in high school. 

NOTE: If you want to have the folding interactive piece, you have to make sure the photo on the opposite side of the page doesn't block the bend. I learned that after constructing the whole thing.. ooops. 

Lily and her little half sister.

Was disappointed with the final page because I couldn't find much to match the black and red paper I chose. Will gather more goodies for inside before starting the project next time. 

Though I have learned a lot more since constructing this album, it was still fun and fairly successful. 

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  1. Very nice. Sentimental and cute. Would probably make a wonderful gift. :-)

    Fickle Cattle


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