Friday, September 23, 2011

Hawkeye Season is HERE!!

Get out the pom poms and black and gold, cause the hawks have hit the field. Last weeks game was amazing, coming back from 27-10 against Pittsburgh for the WIN. A complete relief after the Ia vs Ia State game the previous week. Lost in double overtime.... nooooo. These games have kept me on my feet and given our family something to look forward to each Saturday. Though dad doesn't really have the Hawks Fever that I do, he is a good sport and only teases me occasionally. I've been putting together outfits for Lily to wear each weekend (hawk themed of course), found some great buys at the Goodwill and other thrift stores around DM. (we've moved back to our home state <3) Its really expensive for kids sports gear. Even the ones I find that are overpriced are made so junky that I can't justify the price tag. SOOOO though my little nieces birthday was yesterday and I feel terrible for being late on her present, its for good reason. I found a lovely little sweatsuit for cheap that was all black and again at the thrift store I was able to find old Hawkeyes gear in whatever size was available. Cut out the logos and TADA!..


I found iron on letters at Michael's for .30 cents a piece in the clearance sections. Notice that there is an upside down V for the A. After 30 minutes of searching I wasn't able to find either a black or gold one. My husband called to see where I was and he offered that as a solution. He's such a smart guy. Another woman who was randomly there even started to help me search, such nice Iowa people. I missed that in Denver so much <3. I feel it gave the sweatshirt a great touch. Couldn't actually iron them on because of the type of fabric so I hand sewed them.  So what is holding back the shipment? I wasn't satisfied. Thought I should run out to Joann's today and find some yellow embellishment ribbon for the bottom of the pants. I couldn't find another hawks symbol for the butt/leg bottom area, so I feel like the yellow furls will add just enough color to tie it all together. Then off to the post office to get it sent out.

Adding the yellow at the bottom made all the difference, and I picked up supplies for my next project. 

Full outfit before shipping. 

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