Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Halloween Paper Bag Scrapbook

This is the original Halloween scrapbook that I made (getting it done early). After this I discovered chipboard etc and was kind of sad that I had already put it together. How would I manage to salvage my hard work? Read on...

I used paper from Basic Grey called Indie Bloom. Came in small 6x6 or so package and made coordinating colors really easy. Whole book of paper cost me 6.99 at a local craft store and I only used about half of the pages. 

Added a few rhinestones. Lily is (as I've shown before) going as the Little Mermaid and I like how the blues and greens will fit in well. (couldn't go too spooky, her costume is just too sweet)

Colored paper clips. Didn't fold them into hearts this time, just kept it classic.

I used my sewing machine to hold some of the pockets down. I like incorporating lots of different mediums into my work, it makes for interesting pages. 

OK, so I put my brain to work and created these 4x6 inch flaps. I scored them at 3/4 of an inch and bent them, then adhered the small end to my binding on my book. 

NOTE: I could have simply adhered the chipboard to the first page, but I didn't want to waste the room and paper I had used on it, this way seemed better. 

I used pretty scissors to cut the flap into a triangle (measured the center then used a ruler to create straight lines from the corner to the middle so it would be straight). Used SCOR-TAPE to adhere everything.

The final connection of the book. Wish I would have had Indie Bloom paper large enough to cover the chipboard, but with it being precut to small sized that wasn't going to work. This paper didn't match as well but it was all I had. It can be decorated a bit more to fit in better. 

I got this wall hanger from Michael's ... had them %40 off and was originally 3.99 ... Pretty good deal. Haven't attached it  because I want to add some background and plan it better. 

Thought I might add some of the kelp leftover from Lily's costume and I'd like to look for a way to add 3D bubbles so its a bit of an under the sea theme with Halloween still included. I thought the beads at the bottom helped soften the scary spider. 

UPDATE: I got to thinking about these bubbles today. Couldn't find ANYTHING close to what I wanted online and came up with this quick trick. Use my hot glue gun, on a non-sticky surface (in my case plastic but could have found something better, wax paper?) and created these bubbly little guys. Used a razor blade to pull them back up ... if I found something less sticky I could have used the large ones but they were pretty stuck. 

I'll update when I get more completed <3

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