Saturday, June 25, 2011

post wedding project


The wedding is over, the site is cleaned, and yet.... I'm not done. I had all of these gorgeous cards with lovely wishes (plus the damn things are expensive once  you think that everyone spent around 4-5 dollars and we got around 70 cards!).  I couldn't just throw them away. The guestbook just didn't have the same amount of messages as the cards and heck we plan on keeping that forever too right?? So instead of throwing them away, I concocted a plan to put them into a memory book. I wanted to be able to open the cards, but at the same time, I didn't want them to get bent when the pages were turned.
What I decided on was a plain black memory album (the cards were all so different that picking a themed album seemed like an explosion of too many colors/concepts etc). I used brads on the front of the card and adhered a string to the back so I could keep the cards closed, but still open them. (which is why I could not use an album with cover sheets.. you cant open the cards!)  Then I adhered the back of the card to the album. I am still deciding on decorations for around the cards, mb some stamps/rhinestones or stickers with wedding themes that are neutral. Either way, this worked great. The cards are still readable and in the end my guests didn't waste their money on cards that would be thrown away!

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