Thursday, May 31, 2012

**Smashbook** UPDATE

Before we went to Vegas (woot woot // I'll smash that later!), I ordered a bunch of instagram pictures. I really looove how they turn out from postalpix. 

This is the first layout I did :: Lily is always so fabulous when she's in public. The world is her stage. 

I used a lot of new washi tape from simon says stamp, they are super fun. 

I have SO SO many photos of new baby boy, he's getting bigger every day it's so fun& so hard too. 

I numbered this layout and put captions in leftover rectangles. The grid pattern was perfect for lining them all up. 

Last page:: WHEW, 4 whole pages of baby-goodness. 

&moving on to my food page:: I like to keep themes together &put pictures in it over time rather than to do a layout in one sitting. I layer& layer& well, you get it. 

Gardening page. 
My hubby loves to plant& we have tons inside& out of the house. I need
to make a point of photographing them more...

Happy Birthday to ME! 

& with that I'll end. 


I appreciate and read each and every comment... thank you!