Thursday, May 3, 2012

The May Day Dress

On May Day when Lily was napping I took to my sewing room and created a spring inspired dress that I'd been ruminating about all week. I had it all laid out [as you can see by the last post], and I was bound and determined to make this one better - well, with a LOT less mistakes,trial&error,etc- than the last dress. 
Whew, and boy was it a day. 

After spending the morning homeschooling Lily I jumped on nap time ! After dinner, I was able to add the finishing touches- sew the skirt, buttons, hem the bottom. All the little details. 

This layered lace/ribbon top was a really
fun way to turn a plain jumper into
something much more creative. I topped it off
with vintage buttons from my grandmothers stash!
It was so icky and rainy this morning, the pictures were turning out so hideous. 

Now check it out after our nature walk when the sun started shining.
Much better. 

I'm so excited how it turned out!
The bib-style top turned out better than I expected although it took a majority of my time. I did hand stitching on the tiny top lace so it would lay better& had to practice using my button-hole setting on my sewing machine. I had yet to use it and didn't want to cause damage to the back. 

More vintage buttons from grandma!
She'd be so proud to see me sewing& watching them
go to good use. 

See those nicely done buttons in the back?? Yep, all me! I sewed on little belt loops to this dress. I figured if the ribbon got dirty I could change it or I may want to change out the color for fun. I really didn't like how the ribbon was adhered to the original. That's what's awesome about making more than one of the same dress, you can learn something new or revise the pattern & then see it the way you imagined it. Love

NEXT UP?? A few pairs of knit shorts for lily. So far, not many BOY related products but I promise that they will come. I haven't had much to make him with the super warm weather. I'm thinking for this summer a pair of swim trunks? With a matching hat? hmm... the possibilities. 

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