Monday, April 30, 2012

Sew much to catch up on!

I bet you thought I had bailed on KCWC huh? Well, not exactly. Last week was my last and final week home before Lily finished school and began homeschooling. Although I was able to sneak in sewing time, I wasn't as good about updating my blog. 
This is what I've been spending my hour -ish [sometimes more sometimes less] each day this week. Started on tuesday with cutting the pattern out and laying it all together with my notions. 

Lily's school jumper

This is Lily's 5t jumper. She's turning four next month so this one is going to hang for a bit longer!

**this vintage fabric really made the dress fun. I got it as a gift from my older sister who cleaned it out of grandma's house when moving her. Way cool find& I wanted to make sure it got a good home: this dress was IT. 

I thought the front of the dress turned out really well.
I like the laced girly look. 

Today while Lily napped I was able to finish'er up. I sewed the zipper (it turned out, eh), the ribbon, and added the buttons. Whew, finally done! 

I had a bit of trouble with puckering on the seam. Practice makes
perfect !

One of my BIGGEST setbacks was learning how to do single fold bias tape. I didn't realize it was different from double fold, and I'm still not sure HOW it is different exactly- but I DID learn how to put  on the single fold. lol It's amazing how much something so small can be so important. I spent about and hour on sunday ripping my bias tape out and re-doing it all. 
Thank goodness for all you seasoned seamstresses, I was able to hop online and check out a tutorial then fix it. 

Inspiration- SPRING!

Now that I've finished this little jumper - btw it was a pattern i picked up at joann- I'm moving on to a 4t dress in this awesome summery-cotton fabric I got from Hobby Lobby last week. I believe its a print by Calico. I'm going to use the lime-green bias tape and pink ruffles in the front this time. 

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